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AP Insights for 2019:


#81 - December 2019

Peter Collecott and Richard Schiffer - Christmas Message 2019


#80 - November 2019

Dr Kenneth Katzman - The Limited Utility of the Iran Sanctions


#79 - October 2019

Richard Burge - Environmental, societal and good governance (ESG); a new paradigm for investment


#78 - October 2019

Jonathan Clarke - The US and China: Not quite a new Cold War - but close


#77 - October 2019

James Spencer - Politics by Other Means, Yemeni Style


#76 - September 2019

Peter Jenkins - Iran and the United States: Diplomacy Undermined


#75 - July 2019

John Buck - The UK's international brand is being undermined by its politics


#74 - June 2019

Andrew Popper - The "exorbitant privilege" under threat: Will the US dollar remain the world's main reserve currency?


#73 - June 2019

Paul Wilson - Economic Sanctions and Regime Change


#72 - May 2019

Mark Runacres - The Great Indian Election Mystery


#71 - May 2019

Yuri Poluneev - Ukraine: Another try to surprise the world


#70 - April 2019

Justin Wintle - From Padlock to Gridlock: Thailand's March Election


#69 – March 2019

John Buck Brexit Through a Negotiating Prism: Part 3


#68 – March 2019

Tim Cullen MBE Time to reform how heads of International Organisations are chosen


#67 – January 2019

Latin News Venezuela: A Troubled Country in the News


#66 – January 2019

Dr Peter Collecott CMG and Sir Stewart Eldon KCMG OBE Brexit: Getting out of the Maze


#65 – January 2019

Nour Samaha The Next Chapter in the Syrian Conflict: The Road to Normalisation


AP Insights is published by the Ambassador Partnership LLP providing analysis and commentary by its Partners and Associates on developments in international affairs of interest to its clients and friends. In a new Crisis Management Series the Ambassador Partnership sets out to draw on the wide range of our Partners’ hands-on experience, highlighting the challenges of different kinds of situations.

Crisis Management Series:


November 2019

Charles Crawford CMG - Crisis Management: Is Being Tough Now Impossible?


September 2019

Peter Burdin - Crisis Management and the Media


August 2019

Chris O'Connor OBE - Responding to a Revolution


July 2019

Tim Morris - Crisis Management in Africa


May 2019

Sir Vincent Fean - Phone a friend: Switzerland's problem with Qadhafi


April 2019

Dr Peter Collecott CMG – The Killing of a Brazilian by

the Met


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