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The Ambassador Partnership is a unique international consultancy of former Ambassadors with unrivalled networks of influence in some 100 countries and with access to many more.



As the world adapts to new realities Resilience is becoming an increasing pre-occupation. Governments and private sector organizations need to be able to operate credibly, safely, and robustly in new circumstances.  Unfortunately, the Coronavirus and other global developments have revealed significant gaps in their Resilience.  They must now ensure that their crisis management systems, procedures, equipment, and personnel are prepared and in place before the next crisis arises.


The Ambassador Partnership has an extensive global network of former senior diplomats, civil servants and military officers with considerable experience of crisis management and resilience planning.  We are quick to respond and our response is always tailored to the specific client needs.  We will only get involved if we believe we can add value.


To discuss how we can help you to manage resilience please contact our Partnership Secretary on Live Chat.


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