The Ambassador Partnership LLP is a unique international consultancy of former Ambassadors, currently 46 senior diplomats from 15 countries. Each has their own networks in numerous countries. The Ambassador Partnership is thus a true network of networks, with a global reach, good recognition and a solid reputation.

Geopolitics in the Board Room

We live in times of turmoil and complex geo-strategic change.  Ukraine, Gaza and the aftermath of COVID are only some of the first-order challenges the world faces.  Other complex issues, including Energy, Climate Change, AI and Critical Minerals are coming to the fore.  

Many commercial organisations are retaining former senior diplomats, military and intelligence officers to advise them on these geopolitical challenges, often at Board level.

To discuss how our team can help you please contact our Partnership Secretary

To discuss how we can help you or to obtain the War in Ukraine report or AP Insights please contact our Partnership Secretary
We are dispute resolution specialists and political risk experts.

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