Our team of people with front-rank diplomatic experience bring their insights and analysis to public and private speaking events: keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, panels and structured expert conversations. We cover thematic international topics as well as problems in specific countries or regions, with a focus on political risk and resolving disputes. Our clients include major conferences, banks, insurers and law firms.
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Speaking and Presenting
We help senior people in strict confidence to make the right impact in keynote speeches and high-profile media events, getting just the right content and tone for multiple audiences and avoiding unforced errors. We typically use a discreet structured discussion to allow a speaker to work up ideas in a bold, unexpected way that expresses his/her distinct ‘voice’. Detailed speechwriting and practical speaking support then turns those ideas into a dynamic text that works for the speaker on the day. We supported the head of an international organisation in The Hague with an important conference speech in Asia:  
Excellent feedback from various (including very critical…) people, with the speech setting the right tone for the conference. As you suggested, the organisers kindly agreed to let me go last – that made a big difference! This personal support can be complemented with showing how a speechwriting / communications team can deliver excellent work. We helped an Embassy in London whose team wanted advice on giving witty speeches.