Alistair Burt was Minister of State for the Middle East at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Minister of State at the Department for International Development from June 2017 to March 2019, and previously Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Middle East from May 2010 - October 2013. Alistair also served as Minister of State for Community and Social Care at the Department of Health from May 2015 until July 2016. He entered Parliament for the first time in 1983, served successively as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State then Minister of State at the Department of Social Security 1992-97, and was Conservative MP for North East Bedfordshire 2001-2019.

Hussein Derar, based in Cairo, draws on a distinguished career in the Egyptian Civil Service spanning 34 years. He has served in Washington, Copenhagen, New Delhi and Cairo, and was Ambassador to Seoul and to Beirut. Since his retirement, he has served as Chairman (2008-13) and Liquidator (2013-16) of EFG-Hermes Lebanon. He is an expert observer of the political and investment scene in the Middle East, and is a proficient leader in times of crisis.

Sir Vincent Fean’s 39 years of diplomatic experience include serving as Consul-General in Jerusalem, Ambassador to Libya (2006-10), and High Commissioner to Malta. An Arabist, he has engaged in senior policy-making, government affairs and negotiation in Whitehall, the Middle East and Western Europe. He now chairs the Libyan British Business Council (, with over 100 member companies, building business bridges with Libya.


Javed Malik

Director Middle East and South Asia

Javed has a distinguished background in Diplomacy, Media, and Public Life most recently as Pakistan’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain. For over a decade he has held key government and diplomatic positions at the highest level including Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large, and Prime Minister’s Special Envoy. In these roles he advised and assisted the government in building positive relations, expanding trade and economic ties, and promoting investment opportunities. Currently he is the President of the Diplomat Business Club, a prestigious network that connects diplomats and business leaders. Prior to joining the government, Javed was a noted media personality on a leading television channel which started in the UK, and later expanded to Middle East and Pakistan.

Marcelo Colombo Murua has over 40 years’ experience in the Argentine Diplomatic Service. He served as Ambassador to Kuwait and as Minister Counsellor in Saudi Arabia. He is a frequent commentator on Middle Eastern issues.

Sir William Patey KCMG is a senior adviser and consultant, focusing on the Middle East. He served as British Ambassador to Afghanistan, to Saudi Arabia, to Iraq and to Sudan, following diplomatic postings in Tripoli, Abu Dhabi and Canberra. He has top-level commercial experience in many complex Middle East markets.



James Watt CVO served as British Ambassador to Egypt, to Jordan and to Lebanon. He has dealt with the major issues and conflicts affecting West Asia and the Arab world and has extensive commercial experience in those markets.



Christopher Wilton CMG spent the majority of his diplomatic career in posts in the Middle East, where he was latterly H.M. Ambassador to Kuwait during the military action to remove Saddam Hussain from Iraq.  After retiring from Diplomatic Service, he advised organisations on effective marketing and operations in the Middle East.

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